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          Adhesive & Sealants

          Adhesive & Sealants

          Repair Sticks

          What is Epoxy Putty Stick?

          Epoxy Putty Stick, Also Known as metal plasticine or adhesive Metal, is a highly strongly adhering plasticine based on epoxy resin. Epoxy Putty Stick is dependant on exactly the exact two-component system as smoking. The curing reaction is, thus, started when the two components resin and hardener are mixed...


          The Relationship Between Air, Metal and Anaerobic Adhesive

          Anaerobic cements stay fluid until disconnected from oxygen within the sight of metal particles, for example, iron or copper. These cements are utilized in an assortment of utilizations including threadlocking, holding, pipe fixing, and gasketing and are regularly alluded to as sealants rather than cements. The connection between the measure...